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Spend a Day With the Wizard of Ads

Roy H. Williams stimulates miraculous growth for small business owners. His monthly salary from these business owners is adjusted according to their growth. If business is up 38 percent this year, the Wizard gets a 38 percent raise. If business declines for any reason at all, the Wizard gets a cut in pay.

If you'd like the Wizard's advice, or if you'd like him to help you figure out how best to tell your story, we make a limited number of days available in Austin each year at $7,500/day. (If he travels to you, the rate is $25,000 per day.) And at the end of the day, you'll have the option of moving forward with the Wizard and/or a team of his partners.

Message development, ad writing, media buying, online marketing?
No problem. Happy to do it. Good at it.

The Wizard of Ads Partners are serving the advertising and marketing needs of small business owners around the globe. Like the Wizard, the fees of the Partners are tied to your growth. The only way for them to make more money is to grow your business. How's that for confidence?

Procter & Gamble, Kellogg and Hewlett-Packard are just 3 of the many Fortune 500 companies who visit the Wizard "just to stay sharp." Dozens of America's most successful entrepreneurs are among his list of clients. For more information email Corrine@WizardofAds.com or call Corrine Taylor at (512) 295-5700.

How to Sell Upscale Products and Services
is a new 1-hour presentation from the Wizard of Ads Partners.

Loaded with audio, video and print examples from across a wide spectrum of business categories, audiences are saying, “What? That was an hour? It felt like 15 minutes!”

Best of all, attendees are leaving with a clear understanding of how to cause people to happily pay you more for a product or service that is sold for less by your competitors.

Can you put a group of interested businesspeople into a room? There’s a good chance that a Wizard of Ads partner will be available to come and make this presentation for only the price of travel expenses.

The audience will be impressed.
Questions will be answered. Business will increase all around. You’ll be a hero. 

These are the partners
prepared to present
to your audience:

       Click each name to learn about them 

Morty Silber
Sarah Klenke
Jeff Sexton
Jane Fraser
Peter Nevland
Chuck McKay
Charlie Moger
Paul Boomer
Mike Slover
Dave Young
Walter Koschnitzke
Tom Wanek 
Chris Maddock

In dreams, wings represent the release of creative forces,
giving us the ability to transcend our circumstances.
Wings appear on angels, fairies, spirits and demons.
In Greek and Roman mythology, winged creatures were usually
messengers of the gods; symbols of freedom and spirituality.
A character having just one wing is said to be lost in dreams.

This 24-inch bronze is on its way to Wizard Academy,
the latest addition to our collection of people who can fly.